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Build your NFT marketplace with our ready-to-deploy solution and ensure a quick launch. With a focus on user interface and global NFT trading, our solution delivers bundles of NFT Marketplace development services in a single package to improve your convenience and time-to-market.

Create your custom NFT Marketplace with
Massive Dynamic Technologies

Our ready-to-deploy NFT marketplace helps NFT enthusiasts launch their NFT marketplace and attract millions of users to put their NFTs on display. It enables platform owners to reap more returns by directly reaching out to the global audience.

How Does it work ?

For a buyers

Buyers can browse and purchase NFTs of their choice by paying directly with a credit/debit card or using a crypto wallet.

For a sellers

Sellers can sell their NFTs directly to the customers at a fixed price or put their NFTs on sale via an open auction.

Create NFT

Create NFTs with simple steps; set up the wallet, create a collection, add NFTs to the collection and list them for sale.

Explore the storefront

Discover the marketplace and collect ample information like NFT owner, archives and price descriptions via storefront.

Wallet integration

Integrate wallets, including XDCPay, Metamask, Torus and Wallet Connect, to bid and buy NFTs on the platform.

Make Bid

Place a bid for desired NFTs in an open auction on the NFT Marketplace Platform.

Looking to convert your use case into reality? 

Features of NFT Marketplace

NFT Rankings

See NFT rankings and top statistics related to the NFTs that are updated hourly based on price, trading volume and other crucial factors.


List tokens under collections and enable users to sell/buy multiple tokens at once with an efficient gas fee.


Place a bid by entering the amount more than the current bid for the NFTs available for open auction.


Browse or search your favorite NFT by applying filters like recently listed, highest price, lowest price and most popular.

Browse by category

Browse NFTs of your favorite category.

Mark favorites

Mark your favorite NFTs and view them under the Favorites category.

Unlockable Content

Unlock special content like a coupon code or a discount scheme upon successful NFT purchase.

Add Collaborator

The seller can add a collaborator who can modify collection settings, create new items, receive payments and change the collection’s royalty payout address.


Use a multipurpose wallet integrated into our NFT marketplace to store, send and retrieve funds for NFTs. Also, the wallet offers an ideal space to store all your NFTs.

Our NFT Marketplace caters to various markets


The NFT platform helps artists to openly trade their artwork without worrying about content copying or copyright thefts.


The platform allows gamers to safely transfer in-game assets such as a rare skin and provide proof of authenticity.


The platform helps musicians tokenize their creations, list them in the market and ultimately eliminate piracy from the music industry.

Digital Collectibles

Unique digital assets like a rare whiskey can be tokenized and traded on the blockchain-based NFT marketplace.


The NFT marketplace platform allows users to buy and sell sports tokenized assets like trading cards, sports accessories and sports video clips.

Real Estate

Users can tokenize their lands and list them in the open marketplace for sale.

Characteristics of NFT Marketplace


The NFT marketplace allows NFT trading in multiple virtual environments and marketplaces. It enables token holders to leverage the benefit of sophisticated bidding, trading capabilities, collections, ability to sell in the global market.


The ability to instantly trade the NFTs eventually leads to higher liquidity. Moreover, NFTs can be used as collaterals for liquid cash or cryptocurrencies.


Our NFT marketplace solution is built in compliance with common inheritable industry standards.


We keep control over the scarcity of NFTs. Developers restrict the programmability to allow only a specific number of rare items to be minted.

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